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Vaagen Partner Spotlight: Infinity Pacific Stewardship Group

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Building partnerships that add value to the business, while at the same time supporting rural communities, is important to Vaagen Fibre Canada (Vaagen). Infinity Pacific Stewardship Group Ltd. Is one such partner that is in perfect sync with Vaagen’s vision and values.

Dan Macmaster, Fibre Manager with Vaagen Fibre Canada, has been working with Infinity Pacific Stewardship Group and with its co-owner/operations manager, Luke Robertson, and has nothing but good things to say about them.

“The Infinity Pacific Stewardship Group Ltd. has been Vaagen’s partner for over eight years now and it has been an excellent partnership. Their vision and values towards forest stewardship and relationship-building align really well with Vaagen’s own values and vision for the future of forests,” said Macmaster.

The Infinity-Pacific Stewardship Group is a leading land and resource management firm in British Columbia with expertise in forest tenure management, LiDAR planning, permitting, field services, timber cruising, road design, site plans and GIS services. The group has a team of 40 professionals, technicians and field staff working throughout the province, allowing them to have a way to better understand and help with the diverse forestry needs of the different communities throughout the province.

“Infinity has been partnered with Vaagen since the spring of 2014. We have a dedicated team of forest professionals that help plan and manage their forestry operations in the Boundary region. We have worked closely with Vaagen and the Osoyoos Indian Band on their forest licenses, as well as other Vaagen partners, and our team provides full phase timber development from planning to post harvest,” explained Robertson, who has been working in the forest industry for the last 20 years and has been managing the Interior operations for the group for the past several years, as the co-owner/operations manager.

“We feel that we have a very good relationship with the foresters over at Vaagen and we really value the closeness of that relationship. It makes for a better working environment when we are all on the same page,” said Robertson, adding that the values that Vaagen has match perfectly with the values that the group has.

“We have a shared outlook on doing right by the forest while making sure we are providing economic and sustainable timber to the mill,” Robertson added.

Many of the projects on which the group has worked have been in tough areas to operate conventionally and so, the group tries to come up with harvesting solutions that are environmentally sustainable and, at the same time, that require “out of the box thinking.”

“The foresters at Vaagen are very supportive of non-traditional harvesting and it is great to have a client that is willing to lead the way with their forestry practices,” said Robertson.

Thank you to Luke Robertson and the team at Infinity Pacific Stewardship Group for helping with growth that is innovative, sustainable and economic for our forests and for our communities.

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