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About Us

From woodlands to mill to market, we specialize in efficiently processing small diameter logs into high quality dimensional lumber. Using innovation, technology, and collaboration, we focus on quality, efficiency, safety, and waste utilization. Our two big drivers as a company are Sustainable Forestry and Supporting Rural B.C. Communities

Who We Are

Vaagen Fibre Canada is a small, family-run mill in the rural community of Midway in the Boundary region of British Columbia. Our mill employs 88 local workers, and we hire another 100 people through direct contracting with the mill. We focus on value over volume, taking the approach of selective cutting which takes smaller diameter trees and leaves the bigger ones to benefit wildlife habitat, overall forest health, the reduction of wildfire risk, and storing and controlling water flow, among other benefits.

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What We Do

We work hard to find unique and creative solutions with partners like the Osoyoos Indian Band, the West Boundary Community Forest, local land and woodlot owners, and the Provincial government to secure sustainable and reliable access to fibre. We are always interested in making new connections to help our partners and create mutually beneficial opportunities.

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