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Applauding Community Forests’ Work with Forest Enhancement Funding

Greenwood, B.C.- Vaagen Fibre Canada is proud to be associated with a community forest that cares and invests in helping enhance the resources of our local communities. Our mill is committed to nurturing partnerships where we all contribute towards a mutual goal of practicing sustainable forestry that enhances forests and supports local communities.

West Boundary Community Forest (WBCF) partnered with the Forest Enhancement Society of British Columbia (FESBC) to receive funding for a wildfire risk reduction project near a popular Boundary recreational area adjacent to Jewel Lake.

The project, which was undertaken in an area 20 minutes north of Greenwood, moved forward thanks to a $254,100 grant from FESBC on a 32-hectare area.

“A lot of collaboration from many partners was a hallmark of this project,” said Dan Macmaster, RPF, Forest Manager of the WBCF. “The local residents were involved in the initial planning and we are finishing the cleanup now. We had great support from BC Parks, Vaagen Fibre Canada, and the Osoyoos Indian Band showing what can be achieved when we work together.”

For the project itself, fuel mitigation was the primary objective. Over the years, the area has seen a major accumulation of blowdown and dead standing trees which increases the risk of a wildfire spreading rapidly through the area.

The high-level of collaboration seen in projects of this magnitude is critical to the well-being of communities, forests and the enhancement of recreational areas. The communities of Greenwood and Midway can now enjoy an improved recreational infrastructure with new trails, new signage, and interpretive signs to teach people about the local plants, trees, and wildlife.

“With the FESBC funding for this work, we can better protect area homes and recreational infrastructure from a catastrophic wildfire while maintaining the aesthetics across the landscape. The onerous task of removing fuels while preserving large diameter trees would not have been possible without FESBC funding,” noted Macmaster.

Many projects funded by FESBC help mitigate wildfire risk to better protect communities, resulting in numerous benefits not only to forests and nearby communities, but many times these projects also address forest carbon management that helps take action on climate change.

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To set up an interview or tour the West Boundary Community Forest, contact:

Dan Macmaster, RPF, Fibre Manager

Vaagen Fibre Canada | 250.528.0344

About West Boundary Community Forest:

West Boundary Community Forest Inc. is jointly owned by the Village of Midway and the City of Greenwood. In addition to preserving local recreation trails, the community forest is used to educate elementary students in forest ecology and train local high school students in forestry. West Boundary Community Forest provides opportunities for education, employment and enjoyment by using approved management techniques and by following the existing laws of the land, adhering to higher-level plans and respecting and recognizing the rights of other legitimate land users.

About Forest Enhancement Society of British Columbia:

The purposes of FESBC are to advance environmental and resource stewardship of B.C.'s forests by: preventing and mitigating the impact of wildfires; improving damaged or low-value forests; improving habitat for wildlife; supporting the use of fibre from damaged and low-value forests; and treating forests to improve the management of greenhouse gases. As of March 2021, FESBC has supported 269 projects valued at $238 million, in partnership with governments of B.C. and Canada.

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