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Local Forest Professional’s Educational Outreach Featured in BC Forest Professional Magazine

Greenwood, B.C. – West Boundary Community Forest’s (WBCF) Outdoor Education Centre, and its educational outreach efforts were recently featured in the Association of BC Forest Professionals’ (ABCFP) Fall 2022 BC Forest Professional’s magazine.

The article written by Dan Macmaster – WBCF’s Forest Manager and Vaagen Fibre Canada’s (Vaagen) Fibre Manager - shares the importance of bringing forestry education to local schools and the general public and why there is such a need for outreach.

The BC Forest Professional magazine, with a circulation of 5,300 magazines to forestry professionals and stakeholders, had previously published another article from Macmaster in its Spring 2022 issue on Incorporating First Nations’ Values for Forest Recovery Post-wildfire.

In the Fall edition, the focus of the article, titled ‘Forestry Education: A Professional Forester’s Approach’, focuses on how forest professionals can include education outreach to elevate the public’s knowledge of forestry and help forestry companies and community forests gain greater community support of forestry planning and operations.

“How can we connect with our local community and ensure they are well informed about land management? How can we educate and inspire the young people — who will one day manage our forests — about career opportunities in our sector?” Macmaster asks in the article, adding, “It comes down to forestry education – both in the classroom and in the community. We need to be diligent and determined with our efforts for educational outreach.”

To read ‘Forestry Education: A Professional Forester’s Approach, click here.

Vaagen is proud to be associated with a community forest that cares and invests in helping enhance the resources of our local communities. We are committed to engaging in partnerships where we all contribute towards a mutual goal of practicing sustainable forestry that strengthens forests and supports local communities.

The article highlights the great partnership between local First Nations, School District, RPFs and the community leaders from Midway and Greenwood. The Outdoor Education Center educates and introduces meaningful work opportunities in forestry to local students.

"Teaching students about forest management in a wilderness setting has a greater impact on the kids than if we were to always teach in a classroom," noted Peter Flett, RPF, Vaagen Fibre Canada.

West Boundary Community Forest Outdoor Education Centre

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