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Midway Mill to Shut Down this April for Annual Maintenance Work

Midway, B.C.: Vaagen Fibre Canada (Vaagen) believes in putting annual maintenance work and investment into our mill to improve our operations.

This year, starting April 4, the Midway mill operations will be halted to make way for our annual maintenance work. By doing this, we are investing our time in doing thorough maintenance work of our machinery, which will in turn make way for a smoother run for the rest of the year.

As a company that employs a robust local workforce, it is important for us to ensure the very best for our community. And the best part of this year’s shutdown would be our ability to keep our workforce intact, without having to resort to any temporary layoffs. With all hands on-deck, Dan Macmaster, Fibre Manager at Vaagen, is expecting an approximately 3-4 weeks of shutdown.

“It’s not official when we will start up but it will probably take 3-4 weeks to get all our projects done,” said Macmaster, adding, “I am so proud of all our employees and contractors and it is through their continued efforts that Vaagen is able to stand tall within the industry, contributing to sustainable forestry and supporting rural communities.”

About Vaagen Fibre Canada

From woodlands to mill to market, Vaagen Fibre Canada specializes in efficiently processing small diameter logs into high quality dimensional lumber. Using innovation, technology, and collaboration, they focus on quality, efficiency, safety, and waste utilization with a focus on Sustainable Forestry and Supporting Rural B.C. Communities. Vaagen Fibre Canada is based in the rural community of Midway in the Boundary region of British Columbia employing 88 local workers and an additional 100 people through direct contracting.

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