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Vaagen Partner Spotlight: K & C Silviculture

For a mill to function effectively, it takes partnerships with strong collaborators to make it a success, and Vaagen Fibre Canada’s (Vaagen) partnership with K & C Silviculture, located in Oliver, B.C., has been vital in the mill’s success.

Forester Peter Flett with Vaagen first approached the nursery and helped bring them on board, and he has nothing but good things to say about the partnership.

“Being able to rely on a local grower to not just provide timely product, but quality product, is huge for us. The team at K & C Silviculture have proven to be a great partner,” said Flett.

So, this month, we would like to shine the Vaagen Partner Spotlight on K & C Silviculture, a single site forest seedling nursery, located in the Okanagan Valley.

In conversation with Henry Yang, grower and client relationship manager with K & C Silviculture and Roopinder Goertzen, the nursery manager, they discussed how their company and Vaagen partnered through Flett, why they value this partnership, and where they see it going forward.

“We didn’t even reach out to Vaagen; one day, Peter just walked in here, got to talking, sat with us for lunch, and became our partner, and that’s how it started,” said Goertzen.

K & C Silviculture, a single site forest seedling nursery which was established in 1981, has since been helping clients such as Vaagen with their reforestation obligations. Since the partnership first started in 2017, the number of trees that the nursery has been providing Vaagen with has been steadily growing.

“Every year, our work with Vaagen increases. We began with 600,000 seedlings; this year we are pushing close to one million trees,” said Yang.

While one of the reasons Yang is happy about the partnership with Vaagen is because it is a local company, there are several other things that have come out of the partnership for the nursery.

“I always see our working relationship with Vaagen in a positive light because first of all, they are our local client and we always enjoying doing business with someone local; and Vaagen is special,” said Yang. “Secondly it is the connections that we have built through our work with the Vaagen team. Peter works with Vaagen, and through him, he has introduced us to the West Boundary Community Forest, and also enhances our relationship with the Osoyoos Indian Band,” Yang said, adding that Vaagen has also helped to increase their awareness to other smaller clients.

Goertzen agreed and pointed to how valuable Vaagen’s relationship with the Osoyoos Indian Band has proven to the nursery.

“Vaagen is one of our best clients; and Peter is very supportive, especially with connecting us with the Osoyoos Indian Band. What we have, it’s not just a partnership, but a relationship with Vaagen, and I they have a great relationship with Osoyoos Indian Band too,” Goertzen added.

A core value that K & C Silviculture and Vaagen connect on is sustainability.

“We value sustainable resource management, a value of Vaagen as well. They don’t just want to focus on short-term goals but are looking for sustainable ways to make reforestation happen,” said Yang.

To this, Goertzen added, “Plus, they are consistent and honest; what they say, they stand behind it. Our relationship is built on those foundations.”

Yang explained that simply put, the way the partnership works is K & C Silviculture provide seedlings for reforestation. They are responsible for growing trees from seeds, and Vaagen provides the expertise on how many trees they need for an area.

“I hope that together, through our reforestation expertise, we can continue to build stronger relationships, sustainable forests, and a greater awareness within the community for the work we are doing together,” Yang said.

Thank you, to the entire team at K & C Silviculture, for your unwavering partnership in regenerating forests, one tree at a time.

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