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Voices of Vaagen: Debbie Hachey, Log Scaler/Weighmaster

At Vaagen Fibre Canada, we are proud of all the team members who dedicate their time to sustainable forestry, helping us build strong partnerships in the community that lead to remarkable projects. Today, we are amplifying the voice of Debbie Hachey, Log Scaler/Weighmaster at Vaagen Fibre Canada (Vaagen).

Born in the Fraser Canyon, B.C., Debbie's journey in forestry started at her family's sawmill. She has always had a passion for forestry and an eye for business, motivating her to become a BC Licensed Log Scaler & Weighmaster and start a career supporting mills within the Boundary Region.

"I like numbers and being outdoors, so this is the perfect balanced job for me. As a Log Scaler, you must have an eye for detail and a good memory for what this job entails. It's a great job!" noted Debbie.

Having worked in Midway, Debbie has seen firsthand the impact the Midway mill has had on the local community as one of the main sources of employment for the area. From the mill's closure to Vaagen's management takeover in 2011, Debbie has been a proud member of the Midway mill.

"In the Spring of 2011, I was approached by Vaagen to set up a government-regulated weight scale site. Being familiar with the previous mill, I wanted to contribute and be part of the bigger picture that ensures the mill is viable and profitable and contributes to the prosperity of the Boundary Area."

In her role today, Debbie and her team are an asset to Vaagen's operations, performing log scaling procedures with the utmost precision and safety. As part of the initial stages of the journey of a log, loaded trucks go through the weigh scaling process, where a portion of the log loads over the scales and are measured or sampled.

Scaling plays an essential role for the government, the wood industry, and other users of scale data, where Debbie's job to provide an accurate and meaningful scale is critical.

"Part of my role is to also ensure my team is safe and set up for success. In my career I strongly believe in collaboration since this job involves many moving parts with intricate details, working closely with Vaagen's forestry and log yard teams. As a member of the BC Forest Safety Council, I prioritize providing my team with a supportive and positive work environment," explained Debbie.

Debbie's dedication to supporting local employment aligns with Vaagen's commitment to contribute to local businesses and contractors. Thank you, Debbie, for amplifying Vaagen's operations and mission to support rural B.C. communities.

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